2001 Emmeci MC 92SB

2001 Emmeci MC 92SB

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2001 Emmeci MC 92SB

Automatic mechanical line for rigid set up boxes

The EMMECI MC92 Automatic Rigid Box Line It consists of 4 parts:


MC1 – automatic glue application (hot melt)

MC2 – an automatic machine that puts a complex cardboard box on the covering material

MC3 – wrapping machine

MC4 – automatic machine for folding cardboard and gluing the edges of the box with tape


The MC1, MC2, MC3 automatic units constitute a whole and are functionally coupled with each other – they work together, while the MC4 automatic unit can cooperate with the MC1- MC2-MC3 line, but it can work independently. The line can produce boxes with dimensions (length, width, depth): – minimum 125x50x12 mm – maximum 600x400x125 mm For very large and very small boxes, the acceptable dimensions of the veneer should also be taken


into account: – maximum 850×610 mm – minimum 180×95 mm Other catalog parameters: – efficiency – up to 42 boxes per minute (depending on the size of the box) – applicator accuracy +/- 0.25 mm – maximum height of the cardboard stack 1000 mm – veneer feeder capacity – approx. 3000 pcs. – capacity of the container with glue – 65 l. – maximum diameter of the rolls of adhesive tape – 400 mm Installation parameters: – net weight – approx. 5000 kg – power consumption – approx. 16 kW – compressed air consumption = approx. 10 l / min – compressed air pressure – 5-8 atm –


dimensions of the machine 4x7x4 m


Manufacturer2001 Emmeci MC 92SB