2007 Brausse TA900C3

2007 Brausse TA900C3

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2007 Brausse TA900 C3

Maximum blank width : 900 mm (35.43”)

Minimum blank width : 126 mm (4.9”)

Maximum blank length : 800 mm (31 ½”)

Minimum blank length : 60 mm (2 3/8”)

Operation speed : up to 425 m/min.

Carton board, max. : 800 g/m2 including N, F, E flute

Machine voltage : 30 kVa / 30 Hp

Equipped for straight-line and lock bottom cartons

Equipment details :

7 feeder belts equipped with 2 main gauges

Pre-breaker, left and right and central belt carriers

Left and right and central belt carriers in folding section

Lower left disc gluing system

Electrose extrusion gluing system with 3 glue guns

Electronic touch screen system

Manual settings with digital position indicators

Box counter with pneumatic kicker

Transfer station

Pneumatic controlled press station

Operator remote control

Machine is in very good condition and can be seen in production.


Manufacturer2007 Brausse TA900C3