2020 Automatic Paper Bag Machine KL-350/1040

2020 Automatic Paper Bag Machine KL-350/1040

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Automatic Paper Bag Machine KL-350/1040

Bag width 180-350 mm

Organ height 70-150 mm

Canister bag length 290-600mm

Paper width 530-1040 mm

Paper length 290-600mm

Paper weight range 

80-200g (Brown paper)

100-200g (PP laminated Copper paper)

180-250g (White paperboard)

150-250g (PP laminated Gray paperboard)

Speed 40-70 pcs / min

Machine can run 

Brown paper, copperplate paper, white-plate paper, white paperboard and gray paperboard etc (including laminting paper) is available on the machine.

The machine is the ideal equipment to take the flat papers with original colors or printed well as raw materials to make into paper bags with square bottoms.

Its technique process is about: the flat papers after printing are delivered into the driving parts for positioning through automatic paper feeder and press line with rolling press device and then make one-side glue, folding and positioning and sticking and conveying device will convey them into the bottom position and conduct press horizontal line, open bottom, make glue and press together and finally output finished bag products.


Manufacturer2020 Automatic Paper Bag Machine KL-350/1040